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Highlights offers some of the best pricing and services for anyone traveling overseas on a mission trip. Mission travel airfares are used by individuals or groups of travelers flying to destinations where people, villages, towns or cities are in need. This need can range from medical services, educational services, infrastructure, farming, rebuilding devastated or impoverished areas and for missionary teachings. sells missionary airfares to the people or organizations that are traveling.


The benefits of missionary or mission airfares are the low cancel and change rules – penalties compared to normal airline contracts. Another advantage is longer ticket time limits, giving your organization more flexibility before having to purchase the missionary airfares.


Anyone who travels on a mission airfare must be aware that very specific documentation is required by the airlines to purchase and travel on these airfares. First, we require that you sign our Affidavit of Purpose form. This form requires you to inform us of the name and contact info of the organization for which you are traveling for. You will also be required to have with you, when boarding the airplane, a letter on your organization’s letterhead stating the reason you’re traveling on a mission airfare.


When traveling overseas on mission trips we suggest you purchase trip insurance. This insurance can cover trip cancelation, trip interruptions, natural disasters, medical emergencies and more depending on the options you choose. Since you are far from home we recommend purchasing this insurance not only to add additional coverage for yourself, but it also can help protect the investment of the organization you are traveling for financially. As we have seen in years past, bad things can happen around the globe due to no one’s fault other than mother nature changing things around.



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